Popravak hidraulike na rampama kamiona

Truck Ramp Hydraulic Repair

Hydraulics is a crucial system that enables the proper lifting and lowering of truck ramps. The truck ramp is essential for loading and unloading cargo, so it is important for the hydraulic system to be in good working condition. However, like any other mechanical system, the hydraulics on truck ramps can break down and require…

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Hidraulični cilindri

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are key parts of hydraulic systems used in various industrial and construction machinery. Their function is to convert hydraulic pressure into mechanical power, which makes it possible to start various machines and equipment. However, sometimes it can happen that the hydraulic cylinder does not work properly or not at all. In this article,…

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Priprema hidraulične opreme za zimsku

Preparing Hydraulic Equipment for Winter

When winter approaches, it is important to properly prepare hydraulic equipment to ensure its proper functioning and avoid potential issues during the cold months. Hydraulic systems are crucial in many industrial and commercial sectors, so it is important to ensure that the equipment is ready to operate in winter conditions. Below, we will discuss several…

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servis hidraulične brodske dizalice Ferrari

General service of hydraulic marine crane Ferrari

On the request of the customer, we received a used crane for owerhaul. All hydraulic equipment was removed from the crane, the crane was disassembled and a detailed inspection was carried out. After the inspection, the following works were performed: sandblasting and anti-corrosion protection of the crane fabrication a part of the crane that is…

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Preparing the vessel for the season

Nice weather is coming up, and time to return to the sea. Boat owners know how important is the preparation of a vessel as a basic prerequisite for enjoying the sea and sailing. For engine maintenance and preparation we can help you too. We regularly carry out services and repairs of the following parts of…

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The problem of poor operation of the car crane

After inspecting the crane and reviewing the technical documentation, our craftsmen and engineers made a diagnosis and started disassembling the potential elements. As the elements were removed from the crane and disassembled in the workshop, we found that there was no significant damage to them. It was only after a couple of days of working…

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